About Us

A message from the President:

My world is about fulfilling our commitment to deliver wastewater solutions to our clients. It is about designing, building, and managing innovative wastewater solutions that allow us to better serve our clients. It is about training, growing and rewarding the best people we can find. The commitment that drives us isn't just a blurb on a slick sheet; it is the commitment that drives me every day and will continue to be what drives the Enviro-Tech family of companies..

We grow when you grow. Therefore, our strategy is to be your most valuable partner. Through a philosophy of helping clients grow, we continue to climb to the top of the wastewater industry. Your success is our success.

In today's competitive climate, there is a lot more to environmental wastewater management than just keeping up with existing regulations. There has to be an equal concern for today and for tomorrow. Customers today are more knowledgeable and more "Green" than ever before.

At Enviro-Tech, we develop and implement intelligent solutions that balance our clients' environmental and related business objectives. With more than 20 years of experience, we know the intricacies of the regulatory landscape as well as the details of sustainable plant design and construction.

As a young man, I began operating wastewater facilities for others. I started Enviro-Tech because I truly loved operating plants and enjoyed the personal fulfillment of accomplishment each and every day I was on the job.

However, when I started operating a new treatment facility, on my initial walk- through I would often find problems; typically minor in nature, but still problems that would affect the operation of the facility. As was my duty, I would sit down with the owner and try to explain to him why his new plant needed something to function properly....and that "something" generally costs the owner more money!

Well, the finger pointing would start. First, the engineer who designed the facility would point the finger at the manufacturer who provided the plant; then the sales rep for the manufacturer would point at the contractor who installed the plant; and so-on and so-on and so-on.

I quickly tired of being the only person left when these other providers were gone. Segmented accountability, where different parties shared responsibility, seemed stupid! Wastewater treatment was too important to be farmed out like this.

I knew that the most productive method would be for one party to have total accountability...from day one....so that if anything went wrong, the owner would only have one person to see – and that person would be ME!

I either had to fix the accountability problem or get out of the industry. I chose to stay...and that was a little over twenty years and about 180,000,000 gallons ago.

Today, we provide total accountability for our clients...and the finger pointing no longer applies. This has served us well....but has served our clients even better!

We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients!

Bill Freed