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The Wastewater Treatment Process
The Science and Technology of Wastewater Treatment
Different Systems / Ways of Treating Wastewater

There are several ways of treating wastewater.  The method used in a particular situation will generally be
based on several factors; some environmental, some economic, and some social in nature.  Here are
some of the more prevalent methods of treatment:
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LPP: Low Pressure Pipe distribution.  This method of
distributing wastewater spreads the treated wastewater
over a large area through low pressure pipes.  An LPP
may be attached to another form of treatment ...or...it
may just be attached to a septic tank.  LPP is a
beneficial form of disposal because it spreads the
treatment out over the entire drainfield.
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Peat:  A Peat System is a filtering
system that provides an additional
filtering process for use with a septic
tank.  Filtered water exiting the
system may disposed onto a gravel
bed or may  be collected and
disposed of my other means.  
Examples are the Puraflo Peat
System and the Ecoflo Peat System.

Top picture: Puraflo
Bottom picture: Ecoflo
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Bioclere™ :  Bioclere™ , developed and built by
AquaPoint,  is a treatment system that first takes the
wastewater through a filtering system of special media
and then through a clarifying process to further treat
the water.  The unique advantage of this system is its
vertical orientation yields a very small footprint and
simple operation.
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Activated Sludge Processes:  Activated
sludge processes are those that utilize naturally
occurring bacteria in a suspended growth
environment to help remove contaminants from
wastewater.  This is one of  the most common
processes utilized by wastewater treatment plants.
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Clearstream®: For smaller applications, Clearstream®
has developed a small-scale activated sludge process that
achives a very high level of treatment efficiency.  This is
used primarily for single family residential applications.
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Why is Wastewater Treatment

Pictured below are two of the problems that a
lack of proper wastewater treatment can cause.
Algal Blooms: Top - China - 2008
                     Bottom - Maui - 2007
Fish Kills - Neuse River, NC - 2003